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IT Support for Small Businesses

PLEASE NOTE: As of February 2015, we NO LONGER  provide IT Services and Support for Small Business users.
We are concentrating on developing our InfoCDB app.

Located between Reading and Basingstoke we provide:
  • Rapid, secure Remote Support nationwide
  • On-Site support for businesses located in Berkshire and Hampshire
With our Hosting and Virtualization capabilities, we can also help you benefit from 'Cloud Computing'.
  • IT Support
    • Experts in Windows, Unix, Linux and mixed environments
    • Remote Support
    • On site Support
    • Home Support

    IT Support

    IT Support
  • Managed Office Solutions
    • Routine support and backups
    • Software installations
    • Printer maintenance
    • New and replacement computers

    Managed Office

    Managed Office
  • Database Design & Development
    • Management
    • Change control
    • Development tool kit
    • MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL and MySQL

    Application Development

  • IT Architecture
    • Documents and e-mails better organised
    • Secure Data
    • Data Recovery
    • Secure access to your data

    IT Architecture

    IT Architecture

Small Business IT Support and Solutions

With many years of experience our IT support service helps you create, implement and maintain the most effective IT architecture, to allow you to manage your business and data securely and efficiently.

Our Rapid Response Remote Support help-desk allows us to resolve your computer problems with just a phone call.

How can InfoCentrality help?

We provide small and medium sized businesses in Berkshire and Hampshire with cost effective IT Solutions and Support. We regularly visit clients around Reading, Basingstoke and Portsmouth providing their computer support.

With our in house expertise we are able to create and implement the most effective IT architecture, and with the appropriate use of databases and careful choice of applications you can have the most efficient means of data storage and retrieval to maximise the benefits from your business information.

Along with our hardware knowledge of High Availability and Virtualisation technologies and continuous monitoring we install and support robust systems that provide minimum down-time, either as hosted solutions or in your office.

Coupled with routine IT support and maintenance, both remotely and on-site, we can help maintain efficient and reliable computer systems for you.

All of which is backed up by the latest security strategies to prevent information getting into the wrong hands.

In today's increasingly competitive business environment, information gathering, management and protection is of paramount importance in ensuring that companies build and maintain their advantage.

It may be stating the obvious to say that IT systems exist to help you manage your information. However the money spent buying new or faster computer systems may be wasted if you don't have an effective IT infrastructure and policies in place to make it easy to find and use your information, along with friendly, knowledgeable computer support to keep your systems running smoothly.

Having easy access to all your information will give you an advantage over your competition.